• To adopt, execute and implement such measures-using whatever technology of learning considered appropriate-as may provide sufficient opportunity to all Members of the Institute to (a) keep abreast of all current knowledge in their core areas of competence, (b) familiarize themselves with new and emergent subject areas related to Professional Development and (c) becoming aware of developments in related fields.
  • To visualise the future needs of the society and gear up the profession to cater to those needs.
  • To help members to meet the evolving expectations of the society as far as the technical and professional skills are concerned.
  • To monitor and establish a systematic process to ensure that the member shall meet the requirements of the Statement
  • To conduct courses, seminars and conferences etc. on subjects of relevance to the profession.
  • To render such financial and other help to various branches and regions for upgrading learning technology, as may be considered appropriate and within the powers of the Committee.
  • To create under its direct supervision at the central level, a core group of faculty to design/ execute programs and to prepare and publish background materials directly related to the overall objectives as given above.
  • To take such policy decisions and administrative measures for implementing the clauses above as may be considered appropriate by the CPE Committee.