Terms of Reference of CPE Committee

  1. To adopt, execute and implement such measures – using tools of learning, physical and virtual, as may provide sufficient opportunity to all Members of the Institute to
    (a) keep abreast of all current knowledge in their core areas of competence
    (b) familiarize themselves with new and emergent subject areas related to Professional Development and
    (c) becoming aware of developments in related fields,
    (d) obtain Virtual CPE Hours for Structured and Unstructured CPE requirements.
  2. To visualize the future needs and prospects of the society and gear up the profession to cater to those needs.
  3. To help members to meet the evolving expectations of the society as far as the technical and professional skills are concerned.
  4. To provide need based suggestions to Students Skills Enrichment Board, BoS (Operations) for grant of CPE hours (recommendatory/mandatory) and/or Structured/Unstructured in physical/Virtual Mode for various educational activities/ programmes conducted for the benefit of Students, organized by Students Skills Enrichment Board, Board of Studies (Operation).
  5. To monitor, supervise and establish a systematic process to ensure that the member shall meet the requirements of the CPE Statement.
  6. To conduct courses, seminars, conferences, etc. solely/jointly with other CPE POUs on subjects of relevance to the profession.
  7. To render such financial and other help to various branches and regions for upgrading learning technology, as may be considered appropriate and within the powers of the Committee.
  8. To monitor, supervise and oversee the functioning of various POUs and their Compliance with Directions of the CPE Committee/Council related to CPE and E-Learning Matter.
  9. To provide CPE Credit to members for CPE learning including Physical, E-Learning and Virtual Mode.
  10. To provide CPE Credit to members for participation at Conferences/Seminars and other educational programmes organized by any international professional accountancy bodies (registered with IFAC as full members as defined in CPE guidelines) and foreign Institutions signed MRA/MOU with ICAI.
  11. To take decision to implement mandatory CPE hours, in physical & virtual mode, on relevant topics for members in a Calendar year/Block period on need basis.
  12. To guide CPE POUs to organise mandatory CPE programmes/sessions on emerging professional topics on need basis to create awareness amongst members of Institute.
  13. To take such policy decisions and administrative measures for implementing the clauses above as may be considered appropriate by the CPE Committee.