• Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Bank Audit
  • Banking
  • Certificate Course on ADR
  • Certificate Course on Anti Money laundering Laws
  • Certificate Course on Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting
  • Certificate Course on Concurrent Audit of Banks
  • Certificate Course on Cooperatives / NPO
  • Certificate Course on Derivatives
  • Certificate Course on Enterprise Risk Management
  • Certificate Course on Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection
  • Certificate Course on Forex and Treasury Management
  • Certificate Course on GST
  • Certificate Course on Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)
  • Certificate Course on Internal Audit
  • Certificate Course on Public Finance & Government Accounting
  • Certificate Course on Wealth Management and Financial Planning
  • Corporate Laws
  • Cost Accounting
  • Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management
  • Diploma on Management and Business Finance
  • Direct Tax
  • Financial Management
  • Ind- AS/ IAS/ IFRS
  • Indirect Tax
  • International Taxation
    S.No. Faculty Name Topic City Mobile No. Email ID
    1. CA.Narendra .J.Jain Recent Judgement on International Taxation 9448629663 narendra@nnms.in
    2. CA. Nishit Shah International Tax structuring for inbound investments. 9819024944 nishits@kpmg.com
    3. Gaurav Goyal International Taxation 9650203712 gauravkgoyal17@gmail.com
    4. CA. Hariprasad Padmanabhan Transfer Pricing Chennai 9840359429 hpadmanabhan@DELOITTE.com
    5. CA Amit Agarwal International Taxation Gurgaon 9818466512 amitaggarwal@kpmg.com
    6. CA.Omar Abdullah S M 0 Bangalore 9916225762 omar.a@mca.co.in
    7. CA. K.S. Prasad Bangalore 8066176102 ksprasad@deloitte.com
    8. CA. K.R. Sekar Bangalore 9845204631 krsekar@deloitte.com
    9. CA Hari Om Jindal Taxation New Delhi 9810338200 hojindal@gmail.com
    10. CA Jhankhana Thakkar International Taxation Mumbai 9819815659 jhthakkar@deloitte.com
    11. CA Parag S. Prabhudesai International Taxation Dombivli 9833434166 paragsp@gmail.com
    12. CA Bhupendra Dubey Various Provisions relating to FEMA Navsari 9879545470 bdubey34@yahoo.co.in
    13. Shirzad Shroff MUMBAI 9821672822 shirzads34@yahoo.com
    14. CA. Sriram Seshadri Recent Developments in International Taxation Chennai 9003066300 sriram.seshadri@in.pwc.com
    15. Shri Vijay Paradkar Mumbai 9967788400 PARADKAR.VIJAY@mahindra.com
    16. CA. Deepa Dalal Mumbai 2261920578 deepa.dalal@in.ey.com
    17. CA. Jiger Parikh Mumbai 9892075229 jigar.parikh@in.ey.com
    18. CA Anil R Patel International taxation, auditing, IFRS Kampala 256751100105 anil.patel@ug.gt.com
    20. CA.VIKRAM BAPAT International taxation Bangalore 9880487000 vikram.bapat@in.gt.com
    21. CA. T. S. Ajai Hyderabad 9848029995 tsajai@tsajai.com
    22. CA.R.Sriram TUTICORIN 9843120023 sriramauditor@gmail.com
    23. Cory Haynes Canadian Income Tax Vaughan Ontario +14168982028 chaynes@ayming.ca
    24. CA Shekhar Patwardhan Dombivli 9930232717 shekharpatwardhan@rediffmail.com
    25. CA. Manoj Shah Mumbai 9821087309 manoj@shahmodi.com
    26. CA. Mayur Nayak Mumbai 9324271980 mayur@mayurnayak.com
    27. CA. Rajesh Patil Mumbai 9820615754 rapatil@deloitte.com
    29. CA Setu Mankad INTERNATIONAL TAXATION AHMEDABAD 9099927239 setumankad@rediffmail.com
    30. CA Kshitij Patel INTERNATIONAL TAXATION, ACCOUNTING, AUDITING AHMEDABAD 9824022015 kshitij@msglobal.co.in
    31. CA Sanjay Agarwal Issues in Taxation of Education and Charitable Trust Delhi 9811083042 agarwal.s.ca@gmail.com
    32. CA. Sudharshan Rangan chennai 9715289368 gs.sudharshan@gmail.com
    33. Tanvi Vora International Taxation, Transfer Pricing, FEMA Mumbai +919833801015 tanvi173@gmail.com
    34. CA Ramaranjan Mohanty Overview and practical aspects of Equalisation Levy, International Taxation, Corpote Law Gurgaon 9810662541 ramaranjan@gmail.com
    35. CA Shashi Shekar Chaugule International Taxation Bangalore 9845774220 shashi.shekhar@in.gt.com
    36. AJIT KUMAR JAIN TRANSFER PRICING MUMBAI 9920817530 cajainajit@gmail.com
    37. CA Ramya S Nayak Taxation Bangalore 9964142273 rnayak@deloitte.com
    38. Cotha S.Srinivas International Taxation Bengaluru 9845063387 cothas@yukthi.co.in
    39. Alok Chugh Kuwait 0096597882201 Alok.Chugh@kw.ey.com
    40. PARAS DAWAR NEW DELHI 9711107317 parasdawar@gmail.com
    41. CA. Rashmin Sanghvi MUMBAI 09820194491 rashmin@rashminsanghvi.com
    42. CA Hitesh D Gajaria Mumbai 9892333375 hgajaria@bsraaffilistes.com
    43. RAWAL RADHAKISHAN SURESH Mumbai 9820328887 rradhakishan@deloitte.com
    44. CA. (Dr.) Rakesh Gupta Taxation Delhi 9810420515 rakesh@taxindia.net
    45. BAGRY REKHA SHREERATAN Mumbai 9820222474 rekha.bagry@in.pwc.com
    46. SHAH SHREYAS VIKRAM Mumbai 9819885321 cc.shreyas@outlook.com
    47. CA. Nihar Jambusaria Mumbai 9820237681 nihar.jambusaria@ril.com
    48. MANISH PRATAP SAMPAT Mumbai 9323323667 manish@cnkindia.com
    49. AMITBHAI ASHOKKUMAR PUROHIT Mumbai 9322060064 amit@nmkca.com
    50. GANESH K Bangalore 9663788000 ganeshca25@gmail.com
    51. CA. Pranav Satya Mumbai 9820345976 pranav.sayta@in.ey.com
    52. CA. N. C. Hegde Mumbai 9820423420 nhegde@deloitte.com
    53. ANUPRITA K MEHTA MUMBAI 9867290005 anupritamehta@gmail.com
    54. AMI JAGDISH GHIA MUMBAI 7718962509 amighia@gmail.com
    55. SUDHA GUPTA CA Mumbai 09769033172 sudha@taxpertpro.com
    56. CA. Samir Gandhi Mumbai 0222854330 sagandhi@deloitte.com
    57. CA. Sunil Choudhary Mumbai 9819000120 sunil1.choudhary@ril.com
    58. SUCHITA KANODIA INTERNATIONAL TAXATION GURGAON 9654282077 suchitakanodia@bsraffiliates.com
    59. Dr.J.Albert, Commissioner of Income Tax(International Taxation), Chennai Income tax & International Taxation Chennai 9445953050 chennai.cit.it@incometax.gov.in
    60. CA. PANKAJ JAIN S HYDERABAD 9848061495 pankaj.jain@in.ey.com
    61. Shri. Rajeswara Reddy, IRS, Deputy Commissioner, Income Tax Hyderabad 8985970052 crajeswarareddy@gmail.com
    62. Sachin Kumar International Taxation Bangalore 9448496582 bpsachin@mca.co.in
    63. Naresh Ajwani International Taxation Mumbai 7738567982 naresh@rashminsanghvi.com
    64. kartik Badiani International Taxation Mumbai 9769978979 kartik@dkothary.com
    65. Nilesh Kapadia International Taxation Mumbai 9833100117 nilesh@nmkca.com
    66. SIDDHARTH LALIT BANWAT International Tax & Transfer Pricing Mumbai 9096039986 siddharth@tpostwal.in
    67. Parkes Matthew Over 13 years of advising on indirect taxes globally: in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Middle East. During the last nine years Matt‘s industry focus has been in the Energy and Infrastructure sectors.

    He has worked onsite as Indirect Tax Lead for

    Dubai 00971045064700 maparkes@deloitte.co.uk
    68. Mubeen Khadeer Mubeen, a corporate and tax lawyer, has 20 years
    experience advising clients in Australia, Bahrain and
    across the GCC region. Prior to joining KPMG,
    Mubeen established and led the tax team at a Bahrain
    based consulting firm. He has extensive exper
    Manama 97332226811 mubeenkhadir@kpmg.com
    69. MOHAN R International Taxation
    Direct Taxes
    Coimbatore 9360344225 mohan@auditmove.com
    70. Pooja Sawhney Transfer Pricing Haryana 9899529498 pooja.sawhney@ge.com
    71. Nita Mehta International Taxation Haryana 9953518543 nita.bagaria@ge.com
    72. CHAWLA ROHIT Transfer pricing Haryana 9971283501 rohit.chawla@in.pwc.com
    73. RINIT GUPTA Transfer Pricing Haryana 9910623313 rinitgupta@gmail.com
    74. KULDEEP SHARMA R Chennai 9566091720 kuldeep.sharma@in.pwc.com
    75. CA.V.Balaji Transfer Pricing Chennai 9443250205 balajifcasalem@gmail.com
    76. CA. PRASAD P V S S HYDERABAD 9391048686 pvsatya.prasad@gmail.com
    77. MUKESH RAMJI BHANUSHALI International Taxation,
    Transfer Pricing
    Mumbai 9867178244 tomukesh.bhanushali@gmail.com
    78. DEVARSH PATEL EXPERT IN MERGERS & AQUISITIONS MUMBAI 9892691778 devarsh@kpmg.com
    79. TEJAS PRADEEP DHARWADKAR Transfer Pricing Pune 9823518829 tejas@unicusadvisors.com
    80. MAHESH GAUTAM MANDLECHA International Taxation Pune 9158811000 mmandlecha@bsraffiliates.com
    81. VIVEK MALLYA Bangalore 9845396551 vivmallya@gmail.com
    82. Samuel Loi Taxation Port Moresby 6753212105 margaret@cpapng.org.pg
    83. AMOL SURESH HARYAN Thane 9867128289 amolharyan@gmail.com
    84. LATA GAJANAN PARULEKAR Mumbai 9819820588 latsey_23@rediffmail.com
    85. NAMRATA RITESH DEDHIA International Tax Mumbai 9987123626 namrata@shahdedhia.com
    86. DEEPESH TALAKSHI CHHEDA International Taxation Mumbai 9820599639 deepesh.chheda@dhruvaadvisors.com
    87. Mr. Ashok Wadhwa Ashok is the Group CEO of Ambit Group which he founded in 1997.

    Alongside Ambit, Ashok co-founded RSM & Co., a tax advisory firm. He built
    RSM into a world class Indian consulting house over a decade, before it was
    merged with PriceWaterhouse in 20

    Mumbai 00912239821801 ashokwadhwa@ambitpte.com
    88. CA. Sanjiv Chaudhary Partner, Tax & Regulatory Services
    Corporate Tax Partner Responsible for Litigation Practice in New Delhi
    Sanjiv has approx. 34 years of professional experience in domestic and international tax advisory and consulting and he has spent more than 12 year
    Delhi 9810127362 schaudhary@bsraffiliates.com
    89. KIANWEI CHONG JAKARTA 081289613366 Kianwei.chong@id.pwc.com
    90. Hyang Augustiana Taxation – Indonesian & International Jakarta 62818120870 hyang.augustiana@id.pwc.com
    91. Dr Shantanu Pendse International Taxation Pune 9423010770 drshantanupendse@gmail.com
    92. Jatin Gajjar Chennai 9662528484 jatin.gajjar@in.pwc.com
    93. Adv.Sampath Raghunathan Hyderabad 9989931535 sampathraghunathan@yahoo.co.in
    94. CA H. PADAMCHAND KHINCHA International Tax Bangalore 8048053459 padamkhincha@gmail.com
    95. CA. Uday Ved Mumbai 919820058327 udayved30@gmail.com
    96. JIGAR TUSHAR SHAH Thane 2230218500 jigars@gmail.com
    97. ASHISH KUMAR MOR Mumbai 2240090500 ashishm@gmail.com
    98. ALI T S Taxation Al Khobar 00966509953220 ali.sainudheen@sa.ey.com
    99. JIMIT KISHOR DEVANI Mumbai 9820751951 jdevani@deloitte.com
    100. MAHESH JAYANTILAL PATEL Mumbai 9967049113 monagarsenkar@deloitte.com
    101. KAVITA MANISH SETHIA Mumbai 9930894680 ksethia@deloitte.com
    102. SIDDHARTH LALIT BANWAT Mumbai 9096039986 siddharth@tpostwal.in
    103. HARSHA RADHAKISHAN RAWAL Mumbai 9820328885 harawal@deloitte.com
    104. Manish Baghla Direct tax. International Tax
    Energy sector taxation
    Mumbai +917977249132 manish.baghla@shell.com
    105. SINGHAL GAURAV International Taxation New Delhi 919811130097 gaurav.singhal@sakshamventures.com
    106. CA. Vidhur Puri Delhi 9810054074 vidurpuri@sppuri.com
    107. SHILPA GUPTA Delhi 9873148489 caguptashilpa@gmail.com
    108. CA. Sonu Iyer Expatriate Taxation Delhi 9810495178 sonu.iyer@in.ey.com
    109. SHARMA PREETI Expatriates Taxation Delhi 9811951276 preeti.sharma@in.ey.com
    110. VAID NITIN Delhi 9891001536 nitin.vaid@in.pwc.com
    111. Daksha Baxi Executive Director Mumbai 00919820187619 Varsha@decodeyourself.in
    112. MINAL RUCHIT BUCH International Taxation, Start up Ahmedabad 9428079020 minal.mehta04@gmail.com
    113. RANI N R International Taxation. Bangalore 9449851762 raninr.ca@gmail.com
    114. KAUSTUBH PRAKASH DESHPANDE Pune 9850920422 kaustubhpd@gmail.com
    115. KAPIL BASU Corporate and International Taxation KOLKATA 9830014397 kapil.basu@in.pwc.com
    116. BASU SUSHMITA Direct Taxation ( India and Bangaldesh ) KOLKATA 9830051065 sushmita.basu@in.pwc.com
    117. PATNI AMIT Direct and International Taxation KOLKATA 9831237286 amit.patni@in.pwc.com
    118. MAITI PRASUN KUMAR Transfer Pricing KOLKATA 9600074432 prasun.kumar.maiti@in.pwc.com
    119. MEENAKSHI SUNDARAM S Tax Director in KPMG
    He has more than 14 years of Professional experience
    Muscat 0096894104746 msundaram@kpmg.com
    120. NISHANT GODWIN PAIS Manager in Tax Practice
    He has around 9 years experience
    Muscat 0096892802689 npais@kpmg.com
    121. RAJIV SURAJ SHAH Mumbai 9820530791 rajiv1.shah@in.ey.com
    122. CA. Nitin Karve Mumbai 02266891000 nitin.karve@in.pwc.com
    123. CA. Rohan Phatarphekar Mumbai 2261855760 rohankp@deloitte.com
    124. CA. Shefali Goradia Mumbai 2261357170 shefali.goradia@bmradvisors.com
    125. CA. Shailesh Monani Mumbai 2266891000 shailesh.monani@in.pwc.com
    126. ANIL GOPAL TALREJA Mumbai 9820974579 atalreja@deloitte.com
    127. CA. Hiten Kotak Mumbai 9821053027 hiten@kpmg.com
    128. SANJAY JAYANTILAL SANGHVI Mumbai 9892400221 sanjay.sanghvi@khaitanco.com
    129. CA Alkesh Joshi Taxation Expert.
    Chartered Accountant
    Muscat 0096896782183 sulakshana.satheesh@om.ey.com
    131. BALAJI A R Transfer Pricing Chennai 9500134558 balaji.ar@in.ey.com
    132. CA. Nidhi Maheshwari Delhi 09810583215 nmaheshwari@bsraffiliates.com
    133. CA. Neetu Singh Gurgaon 08800116004 nsingh@bsraffiliates.com
    134. George Brisbane 0415712980 surenqld@gmail.com
    135. PARUL MITTAL International Taxation
    Transfer Pricing
    NEW DELHI 9811205855 parul@pmittal.in
    136. GANDHI GAURANG VINODCHANDRA MUMBAI 9820033802 gaurang_gandhi@yahoo.com
    137. VISHAL VASSANJI GADA International Taxation – Issues and Recent Amendments AHMEDABAD 9821270900 vishalvgada@gmail.com
    138. CA VARATHARAJ KUMAR Direct Tax chennai 9940545380 varatharaj.kumar@bmradvisors.com
    139. GAURAV RAJESH TANNA International Taxation and Regulatory Mumbai 9702445325 gauravt@bsraffiliates.com
    140. Michael Hogg Brisbane 0408460491 bennop@hotmail.com
    141. DEEPENDER KUMAR FEMA, International Taxation and Transfer Pricing Delhi 09910099584 deepanilassociates@gmail.com
    142. KAPADIA SUNIL LILADHAR mumbai 9820128083 sunil.kapadia@in.ey.com
    143. NIDHI JAIN Transfer Pricing Chennai 9600788473 nidhi7.jain@in.ey.com
    144. SIDDARTHA PRAKASH SHARMA International GAAP (US GAAP, IFRS, SOX) IND AS, IFC Bangalore 9900516685 spsharma@bsraffiliates.com
    145. RUTVIK RASHMIN SANGHVI Mumbai 9820703722 rutvik@rashminsanghvi.com
    146. CA. Pritin Kumar Mumbai 09819574195 pkumar@deloitte.com
    147. KARISHMA ROHAN PHATARPHEKAR International tax, transfer pricing Mumbai 9820238577 karishma.rp@bmradvisors.com
    148. Permana Adi Saputra Permana Adi Saputra serves as the Transfer Pricing Partner in PB Taxand. Permana’s role in PB Taxand includes assisting client in the preparation of Transfer Pricing Documentation, representing clients in the tax audit, tax objection, appeal and mutual ag Jakarta 62816772605 permana@pbtaxand.com
    149. SENGUPTA SAUMYAJYOTI gst KOLKATA 9836068360 saumyo14@hotmail.com
    150. CA. AJAY SEKHRI Mumbai 9820794058 isha@ascca.in
    151. CA. Hinesh Doshi Mumbai 9820232625 info@hineshdoshi.com
    152. RACHESH RAJESH CHETNA KOTAK Mumbai 9833526272 racheshkotak@gmail.com
    153. AMITKUMAR SURYAKANT AMLANI Mumbai 9833526272 amit.amlani@ss-associates.com
    154. ARUN SARIPALLI Mumbai 9920167931 arun.saripalli@in.pwc.com
    155. SUBASHINI S INTERNATIONAL TAXATION CHENNAI 9790928345 subhashiniassociates@gmail.com
    156. AMIT PODDAR INTERNATIONAL TAXATION KOLKATA 9010480949 amit.poddar@in.ny.com
    157. PUNEET GUPTA Expatriate Taxation Delhi 9810384932 puneet1.gupta@in.ey.com
    158. MOHIT AGARWAL Article 10, 11 Delhi 9891868905 agarwal.mohit@in.pwc.com
    159. SIDDHARTH DADU Article 8, 27, 29, 30, 31 Delhi 9818334447 siddharth.dadu@in.pwc.com
    160. CA. Venugopal G delhi 9341979798 venu@vnv.ca
    161. DARPAN JAGDISH MEHTA Mumbai 9769249148 darpan.mehta@in.pwc.com
    162. JIGNA PRANLAL TALATI Mumbai 9833021199 jigna.talati@bmradvisors.com
    163. RONAK GIRISH DOSHI Mumbai 9869122053 ronak.doshi@bsmco.net
    164. GARG KUNWAR RAHUL International Taxation FARIDABAD 9811100095 rahul.garg@in.pwc.com
    165. PURI SANDEEP International Taxation Delhi 9810731614 sandeep.puri@in.pwc.com
    166. LATH PRABHAT KUMAR International Taxation Delhi 09871116226 prabhat.lath@in.pwc.com
    167. Sh. G. C. Srivastava International Taxation Delhi 9868147972 srivastavagirish@hotmail.com
    168. SIDHWA ROHINTON JAMSHED International Taxation Delhi 9818449045 rsidhwa@deloitte.com
    169. GANESH R Transfer Pricing Bangalore 9663373518 ganesh.r15@infosys.com
    170. GANESH R Transfer pricing Bangalore 9663373518 ganesh.r15@infosys.com
    171. JAIN ATUL Gurgaon 9717184443 atuljain1@bsraffiliates.com
    172. AJAY SHASHIKANT AGASHE Thane 9833394152 ajay.agashe@gmail.com
    173. Adv. Sharad Abhayankar Mumbai 2266365000 sharad.abhyankar@khaitanco.com
    174. Gottfried Schellmann Mr. Gottfried Schellmann is a expert in Taxation Services specializing in Indirect and Direct Taxes, risk management and process consulting from Indirect Tax perspective and contributed to many tax periodicals and is one of the
    editors of lose leave. He
    Lindengasse 00436769493666 gottfried.schellmann@wts.at
    175. GUPTA DILIP KUMAR Transfer Pricing Delhi 7838999832 dilip.gupta@in.pwc.com
    176. IYER VIJAY S Transfer Pricing Delhi 9810495203 vijay.iyer@in.ey.com
    177. SHREYAS NIRANJAN SUREKHA SHAH International Taxation Mumbai 9819885321 ca.shreyas@outlook.com
    178. GEORGE CAMPBELL Has advised businesses and organizations on indirect tax, helping to identify efficiencies, ensure compliance and generate savings
    Broad experience with Big 4 firms in the UK and across the GCC
    Has been working with businesses across the region for the
    Bahrain 0097338338641 george.campbell@keypoint.com
    179. BHAMINI M International Taxation Bangalore 9845804212 bhamini.m@sureshandco.com
    180. CA. Rakesh Jain Bangalore Bangalore 8065670016 bangalore@Icai.org
    181. HARSHAL PANKAJ BHUTA Mumbai 9322015432 Harshalbhuta@hotmail.com
    182. Nithya Srinivasan International Taxation Chennai 04466885000 snithya@DELOITTE.com
    183. CA. Paresh Shah Mumbai 98210425075 ppshahandassociates@gmail.com
    184. NEETU VINAYEK Mumbai 9820287616 nvinayek@bsraffiliates.com
    185. BHAVESHKUMAR PRAVINCHANDRA DEDHIA Mumbai 9820781937 bdedhia@bsraffiliates.com
    186. Praveen Runka International Taxation Chennai 9940303008 praveen@bsraffiliates.com
    187. NIMESH INDRAVADAN VORA mumbai 9320999901 nimesh.vora@in.ey.com
    188. HIREN DINESHBHAI SHAH Ahmedabad 9825030908 hirenindia24@gmail.com
    190. RAJESH KUMAR JAIN RAJNANDGAON 9617712000 fcarajesh@yahoo.com
    191. CA (Dr.) Ashwani Taneja International Taxation Delhi 9810064777 ashwani@indiacp.com
    192. Mr. Ashwin Vishwanathan nioda 1203045923 citax@icai.in
    193. J.suresh kumar CHENNAI 9840777163 nellai.suresh54@gmail.com
    194. Mr. Ashwin Vishwanathan Chennai 09811915000 ashwin.vishwanathan@in.ey.com
    195. PRASAD K B Transfer Pricing Chennai 9444845812 prasad.kb@in.ey.com
    196. PRAKASH MAHENDRA SHAH Mumbai 2230901609 prakashshah09@rediffmail.com
    197. KORITALA VINOD KUMAR Transfer Pricing Chennai +919600062414 vinodkumar.koritala@in.ey.com
    198. Jasdeep Singh CHENNAI 04428295241 jasdeep@gmail.com
    199. Adv.Karthik Ranganathan CHENNAI 00 karthik@gmail.com
    200. PRASHANT SHREEPRAKASH PREMLATA MAHESHWARI interanation taxation ahmedabad 9820452586 pmaheshwari@bsraffiliates.com
    201. PRADEEP DINODIA International Taxation Delhi 9811068394 pradeepdinodia@srdinodia.com
    202. SHAH CHETAN MAHENDRA FEMA Mumbai 9820223402 chetanshah@camcs.in
    203. Shri Vinay Navani Mumbai 2240833441 ankit.shah@gpkapadia.com
    204. SRINIVASAN S Transfer Pricing Chennai 9940088116 srinivasan.s@in.ey.com
    205. SHUCHI S RAY Transfer Pricing MUMBAI 9833672521 shuchiray@deloitte.com
    206. Rohan Solapurkar Rohan Solapurkar is a Partner based in Deloitte Singapore office. He has more than 20 years of experience in International Tax.

    Rohan has been advising Indian as well as large multinational companies on their tax strategies for India as well as the re

    Singapore 006584985072 rohans@deloitte.com
    207. Mr. David H. Nachman New Jersey 22016700009 david_nachman@visaserve.com
    208. Sridhar Swaminathan Transfer pricing Chennai 9176656497 narasimha@bsraffiliates.com
    209. HIMANSHU GOYAL International Taxation Delhi 9650067515 himanshu.x.goyal@pwc.com
    210. NARANG NITIN MOHAN International Taxation Delhi 9810284872 nitin.narang@nangia.com
    211. Shri L N Pant Mumbai 9969233133 lnpant@deloitte.com
    212. Adv. Prasad Paranjape Mumbai 9920115900 prasad.paranjape@pdslegal.com
    213. SHILPA SANKET MAKADIA AHMEDABAD AHMEDABAD 9428462775 shilpa@smakadia.com
    214. Adv. Hiten S Venegavkar Mumbai 9821332003 hitenvenegavkar@yahoo.co.in
    215. Adv. Poornima Kanthatia Mumbai 9820289129 purnimakantharia@hotmail.com
    ahmedabad 9099927783 saumya@bgss.co.in
    218. PRASHANT NARENDRABHAI KOTECHA Vadodara 9825153981 ca.prashantkotecha@gmail.com
    219. ABHIROOP BHARGAV K International & Domestic Transfer Pricing Hyderabad 9160044414 abhiroop.bhargav@in.pwc.com
    220. CA. Bhagat Nilesh Mumbai 2261920246 bhaumik.goda@in.ey.com
    221. SAGAR SHEKHAR WAGH Mumbai 9833419060 sagar.wagh@in.ey.com
    223. NIRAJ BHARAT CHHEDA International Taxation and Transfer Pricing Mumbai 9821787080 niraj.chheda@gbcaindia.com
    224. David Stevens VAT Implementation Leader for the GCC Dubai 0566882352 david.stevens@ae.ey.com
    225. Rajesh Somani MD & CEO Dubai 0506452187 madhu.n@ssoeglobal.com
    226. Ravi Murthy Chief Financial Officer Dubai 0556561178 ravimurthy56@gmail.com
    227. Peeyush Joardar Partner Dubai 9999999 chairman@icaidubai.org
    228. Rajiv Hira Director – Business Advisory Dubai 0557130969 rajivhira.rh@gmail.com
    229. Nitesh Jain Direct Tax Partner Dubai 0529826422 niteshcacpa@gmail.com
    230. Pitcher Partners Brisbane 0422576472 rajeshr0102@gmail.com
    231. Priyanka Subramanyam Priyanka Subramanyam is a Client Manager in Deloitte Private Tax in Melbourne and has had a number of years’ experience in tax and commercial advisory both at Deloitte and a leading mid-tier law firm.

    Priyanka specialises in tax effective structuring,

    Melbourne 61396718935 prsubramanyam@deloitte.com.au
    232. VISHNU K BAGRI International Taxation Bangalore 9945565507 vishnu@sduca.com
    233. CA. KRISHNAN S International Taxation Bangalore 9845068038 krishnanb102@gmail.com
    234. CA. RISHI HARLALKA International Taxation Bangalore 9845448558 rishi.harlalka@in.gt.com
    235. CA.Azaruddin others banglore 8792453004 caazharuddin@gmail.com
    236. JAYESH KUMUDCHANDRA SANGHVI Hyderabad 9908740222 jayesh.sanghvi@in.ey.com
    237. Mr. Nigel Hobler Hongkong 01203045957 nigel.hobler@hk.pwc.com
    238. SHAH JAYESH ARAVINDBHAI Indirect Taxes- VAT-GST Navi Mumbai 7738063904 jayeshkumar.shah@ril.com
    239. CA Basant Kumar Dugar Bangkok 0818607851 bkdugarca@gmail.com
    240. ADITYA SURANA International Taxation HYDERABAD 8099069384 suranaaditya@gmail.com
    241. Mohammed Tajmmul Hussain Ansari International Taxation Jeddah 00966544798093 ansari@caansari.com
    242. VRUSHANG BHARAT SHETH International Taxation,
    Transfer Pricing,
    Kuala Lumpur 00601126715141 vrushang@gmail.com
    243. Mr. Ravi Gupta Mumbai 09167762772 ravirgupta@deloitte.com
    244. Niranjan Deshpande Niranjan Deshpande is an experienced accounting and taxation professional
    with substantial experience spanning over 30 years gained both in Australia and
    He is a partner and director at LPA Partners a CPA firm originally established in
    Melbourne 61411961375 info@lpaccountants.com.au
    245. Derick Mallary Tax Jakarta 0062811981007 derick.mallary@kreston.co.id
    246. Prianto Budi Tax Jakarta 0062811906181 prianto.budi@kreston.co.id
    247. Manu Kakkar Domestic and international tax, personal and corporate taxation as well as expert witness reports and testimony Toronto 14168022341 pd@icaitoronto.com
    249. SINGHAL KUNAL International Tax DELHI 9818458980 kunal@kagindia.in
    250. YASH VISHANSINGH RAJPUROHIT Mumbai 8898668707 rajpurohityash0211@gmail.com
    251. NEELESH V VITHLANI TAXATION HYDERABAD 9246344232 neelesh@vvneeleshassociates.com
    252. BHAUMIK MUKESH GODA Mumbai 9833915583 bhaumikgoda@gmail.com
    253. Ashok Hariharan Partner and Head of Tax Dubai +96899324874 ahariharan@kpmg.com
    254. Anuj Kapoor Co-lead M&A and International Tax Advisory Services Dubai 9999999 chairman@icaidubai.org
    255. CA Manoj Shah Founding Partner Dubai 9999999 chairman@icaidubai.org
    256. Anuj Jain Senior Manager Dubai 9999999 chairman@icaidubai.org
    257. DINESH VISHNU PATIL Mumbai 9821588513 dineshp@bsraffiliates.com
    258. ZEELKUMAR VASANTBHAI GALA Thane 9869331060 zeel@bsraffiliates.com
    259. RAJIV DHANESH GANDHI Mumbai 9892739293 rdgandhi@bsraffiliates.com
    260. DEEPAK MUNDRA Mumbai 02236714114 deepak.mundra@edelweissfin.com
    261. Surinder Kumar kalra International Taxation, International Trade, Joint venture, International Investment, FDI, Trade Agreement, GURGAON 9818588465 surinder.kalra@skalraassociates.org
    262. MOHIT AGARWAL International Taxation, Corporate Law GURGAON 9891868905 mohit26aagarwal@rediffmail.com
    263. MALAY HARESH DELIWALA FEMA Ahmedabad 9879046977 malay.deliwala@dhruvaadvisors.com
    264. CA Tejas Mehta NRI Taxation Ahmedabad 7961343434 ahmedabad@dhruvaadvisors.com
    265. CHIRAG MUKUNDRAI SHETH Mumbai 7045626625 chiragmsheth@gmail.com
    266. RUGVED ABHAY APTE Transfer Pricing NSW 0061481872374 rapte@deloitte.com.au
    267. Adv. Amar Gehlot Mumbai 2224392500 amargehlot@gmail.com
    268. Ferdinand Kamya Kampala 256750333090 ferdinand.kamya@ug.gt.com
    269. CHANDRAKUMAR S Manager, Global Tax, PWC Melbourne 61478539160 chandanstays@gmail.com
    270. PARUL MITTAL TRANSFER PRICING DELHI 9811205855 parul@pmittal.in
    271. RISHABH TANDON Rishabh is a Manager with MMJS Consulting in Bahrain. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with 6 years of core Indirect Tax experience having implemented GST in India and VAT in UAE, KSA and now in Bahrain. Prior to joining MMJS, Rishabh worked with KP Manama 0097335628751 rishab@mmjs.com
    272. SINGHAL GAURAV International Tax New Delhi 9811130097 gs@headsup.in
    273. GARG NITIN Tax and Regulatory New Delhi 971136072 nitin.garg@coinmen.in
    274. VIKRANT SURI Tax and Regulatory New Delhi 971136072 Vikrant.suri@coinmen.in
    275. SHREY AGGARWAL Tax and Regulatory New Delhi 971136072 shrey.aggarwal@coinmen.in
    276. GARG NITIN INTERNATIONAL TAX NEW DELHI 9971136072 nitin@coinmen.in
    277. SHREY AGGARWAL INTERNATIONAL TAX NEW DELHI 9971136072 shrey.aggarwal@coinmen.in
    278. Patrick Cheung Patrick is a Partner in KPMG, Hong Kong transfer pricing team and has more than 25 years of international tax experience of which over 20 of those working as a full time transfer pricing specialist. Hong Kong 85225226022 patrick.p.cheung@kpmg.com
    279. MONIKA JASWANTRAI SUSHILA WADHANI Mumbii 08928540210 mwadhani@bsraffiliates.com
    280. MEHUL KANTILAL JAIN Mumbai 9821580432 mehul.k.jain@pwc.com
    281. Stefan El Khouri Specialised in Transfer Pricing International Tax and Tax Technology Al Khobar 0509953220 selkhouri@kpmg.com
    282. RAGHUNATHAN P International Taxation Chennai 9842578391 raghunathanparthasarathy@bdo.in
    283. KONANKI RAJU International Taxation Chennai 9442175843 praburam.k@nangia.com
    284. LAKSHMI SANKAR T V International Taxation Chennai 9789091660 lakshmi.sankar@nangia.com
    285. KONANKI RAJU International Taxation Chennai 9442175843 praburam.k@nangia.com
    286. GUPTA SONIA INTERNATIONAL TAXATION FACULTY MUMBAI 9820280996 sonia1.agrawal@in.ey.com
    287. Adrian Low Partner Dubai +971505544092 adrian.low@clydeco.com
    288. Thomas Vanhee Partner Dubai +971582633018 thomas@aurifer.tax
    289. STUTY AGARWAL International taxation MUMBAI 8879856880 astuty@deloitte.com
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    292. SHAZIA ABDUL KARIM KHATRI Transfer Pricing Mumbai 9967971535 shaziakhatri@bsraffiliates.com
    293. PALLAVI DINODIA GUPTA Transfer pricing faculty of International Taxation NEW DELHI 09810740501 pallavidinodia@srdinodia.com
    294. SEN AMITAVA Transfer pricing faculty of International Taxation Diploma course NEW DELHI 7838999978 amitava.sen@in.pwc.com
    295. ABHAY RAMESHWARLAL SABOO Mumbai 9967665609 abhay.saboo@pwc.com
    296. Mr Nikhil Dhariwal Mumbai 9819187668 ndhariwal@deloitte.com
    297. GANESH S International Taxation Coimbatore 8754543627 ganeshsskv@gmail.com
    298. SHARMA VYOM MUMBAI 0976900202 vyomsharma@kpmg.com
    299. HARRY BHATEJA Direct tax $ indirect tax Sriganganagar 9782360154 caharrybhateja@gmail.com
    300. Eminent Faculty International Taxation Mumbai 02233671424 wircevents@icai.in
    301. Jiger Saiya International Taxation MUMBAI 9323108666 jigersaiya@bdo.in
    302. Mr. Sunil Agarwal Head of Taxation,
    Tata Power Industry
    MUMBAI 02233671424 wircevents@icai.in
    303. Mr. Sanjiv Sharma Advance Pricing MUMBAI 02233671425 wircevents@icai.in
    304. HARDIK DIPAK MEHTA FEMA, INTERNATIONAL TAX, DIRECT TAX MUMBAI 9819023863 mehtahardikca@gmail.com
    305. Shri Mahesh Kumar, CIT (APA) CIT (APA) Mumbai 02233671424 wircevents@icai.in
    306. CA. Rishab Kharbanda INTERNATION TAXATION GURGAON 9899422221 rishab.kharbanda@in.ey.com
    307. CA. Dileep Gupta INTERNATIONAL TAXATION GURGAON 7838999832 Dilip.gupta@srgglobalca.com
    308. CA. Dileep Gupta INTERNATIONAL TAXATION GURGAON 7838999832 Dilip.gupta@srgglobalca.com
    309. Eminent Speaker INTERNATIONAL TAXATION GURGAON 01244268867 gurgaon@icai.org
    310. Samir Shah Corporate tax and International tax Mumbai 9819158800 samishah@deloitte.com
    311. DIPIKA AGARWAL MUMBAI 9920178908 dipikarungta@gmail.com
    312. RAHUL KRISHNA MITRA International Taxation faculty GURGAON 9830055281 rkmitra@kpmg.com
    313. SINGHAL GAURAV INTERNATIONAL TAXATION NEW DELHI 9811130097 gaurav.singhal@sakshamventures.com
    316. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma INTERNATIONAL TAXATION NEW DELHI 7683026982 Sanjeev.sharma63@nic.in
    317. Mr. S.P. Singh, Ex-IRS INTERNATIONAL TAXATION NEW DELHI 9818811178 spsingh54@gmail.com
    318. VED KUMAR JAIN INTERNATIONAL TAXATION NEW DELHI 09312502333 jainved@gmail.com
    319. CA Jigar K Shah Merger & Acquisitions, Tax & Regulatory, ICOFR, International Tax, Transfer Pricing Ahmedabad 9825269935 jigar.shah@jkkt.co.in
    321. MANNU GOYAL Shalimar Bagh 8860265735 camannugoyal18@gmail.com
    323. Ms. Vandana Sagar, I.R.S Commissioner of Income Tax International Taxation, Bengaluru Bangaluru 9480824479 92007vandana@gmail.com
    324. Ms. Jamuna Devi International Taxation
    NRI Taxation
    Ernakulam 9445960052 jm.jamunadevi.it@incometax.gov.in
    325. HARSHIL ASHWIN SHAH Transfer Pricing mumbai 9976443206 harshilshah@deloitte.com
    326. HARSHIL ASHWIN SHAH INTERNATIONAL TAXATION MUMBAI 9967443206 harshilshah@deloitte.com
    327. HARDIK KUMAR DAVE Tax, Litigation, FEMA MUMBAI 9768725607 cahardikdave@gmail.com
    328. VIKRAM DEEPCHAND BOHRA Chartered Accountant with more than 18 years of experience in the field of tax and regulations including advising on matters involving income-tax, foreign direct investment & regulations framed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Securities and Exc SINGAPORE 6596624762 vikram.d.bohra@pwc.com
    329. BALAGOPAL RAMAMOHAN International Taxation and Professional Ethics Ernakulam 9496201224 rbgfca@gmail.com
    330. TANUJA SINHA Non Residents Taaxation on Individuals Kolkata 9831137564 tanujasinha@gmail.com
    332. Mr. Mahesh Poddar Financial Management, Industrialist, Corporate Laws, Politics Ranchi 933441001 ranchi@mikiwire.co.in
    333. Kanupriya Prashar Transfer Pricing Chennai 9811117424 kanupriya.prashar@gmail.com
    335. Nakul Kohli Taxation and transfer pricing Toronto 14164800160 info@icaitoronto.com
    336. GUPTA SHWETA Delhi 9654592283 shweta@jgarg.com
    337. Mr. Nilesh Patel Mumbai 02233671425 nilesh@taxwize.in
    338. MUKUL KEDIA GST Faridabad 9654330744 mukul.kedia@gmail.com
    339. CA Tarun Jain Pune +91 tarunjain2@bsraffiliates.com
    340. CA Sujit Thakar Pune +91 sujit.thakar@gmail.com
    341. VIVEK BHARATBHAI VITHLANI Overseas Investments from India, FEMA and Other Aspects Ahmedabad 8767565601 vivek.vithlani75@gmail.com
    342. ABBAS MOIZ JAORAWALA Direct Tax, International Taxation and FEMA Navi Mumbai 9820848058 jaorawala.abbas@gmail.com
    343. JAIN JITENDRA TAXATION FACULTY NEW DELHI 9818283726 jitendra.jain@pwc.com
    344. RANA AMIT Digital Tax Gurgaon 9811115074 amit.rana@pwc.com
    345. ABDULKADIR KHOJEM JAWADWALA Direct taxation and international Mumbai 9029024417 abdulkadirjawadwala@gmail.com
    346. SACHIN SHASHIKANT SASTAKAR INTERNATIONAL TAXATION PUNE 9890823711 sachin.sastakar@svc.net.in
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    348. RAKHI JUGAL KISHORE AGRAWAL Over 10years of experience in domestic and international tax matters. THANE 9819014265 ragrawal@deloitte.com
    349. HEMALI YOGESH DESAI TRANSFER PRICING MUMBAI 9892703795 hemali.mahindrakar@gmail.com
    350. Mr. Pramod Gupta Naviyani 9825651309 pramod.gupta@smgsuzuki.co.on
    352. NANDITA ULHAS PRABHU SALGAONKER Transfer Pricing Mapusa 9822982811 nandita_salgaonkar@yahoo.co.in
    353. Tarun Bindlish Transfer pricing Delhi 9999068082 tarunbindlish@gmail.com
    354. TARUN BINDLISH Transfer pricing Delhi 9999068082 tarunbindlish@gmail.com
    355. CA. MAHESH KUMAR LAKHESAR International Taxation Bikaner 9462027142 maheshlakhesar@gmail.com
    356. JOGINDER KUMAR CHOWDHERY International Taxation New Delhi 7009101102 ca.dharamsingh@gmail.com
    357. Shital Gharge International Tax Mumbai 919920572787 sgharge@kpmg.com
    358. SANDEEP KUMAR International Taxation Rohtak 9541348340 casandeepchanna@gmail.com
    359. HIMANSHU ASHOK TANNA Partner at EY International Tax and Transaction Services Mumbai 919819023775 himanshu.tanna@in.ey.com
    360. HITESH SHARMA – International acquisitions
    – Investment structuring
    – Sourcing strategy
    – Cross-border structures, including IPR/brand location issues
    – Transfer Pricing
    Mumbai 919820131320 hitesh.sharma@in.ey.com
    361. HARSH GIRISH PATEL INTERNATIONAL TAXATAION, FEMA ETC MUMBAI 919867119366 caharshpatel8@gmail.com
    362. HARSH GIRISH PATEL INTERNATIONAL TAXATION MUMBAI 919867119366 caharshpatel8@gmail.com
    363. Stefan El-Khouri Transfer Pricing / International Tax / Tax Technology Riyadh 0549793701 MADHUR.NIR@GMAIL.COM
    364. SHARATH RAO Y International Taxation BANGALORE 9880141381 sharathrao@deloitte.com
    365. Harpreet Panesar Harpreet Panesar work as a Tax Manager in KPMG. He passed the CA exam in November 2014 and received the designation in 2015. He has been working in tax practice for the last 2.5 years. Before joining KPMG in tax practice, He worked in PwC in financial au Winnipeg 12047926484 info@icaivancouver.com
    366. JATIN GROVER CA Jatin Grover, is a CA Final Rank holder (AIR 34 – Nov’15) and also holds Diploma in International Taxation by ICAI (First Attempt – Nov’18). Author is currently working in a Fortune 500 company having experience in the field of Corporate Taxation, wher MUMBAI 9582882544 ca.jatingrover@gmail.com
    367. Taiwo Oyedele Direct and Indirect Taxation, Lagos 2348060196593 taiwo.oyedele@pwc.com
    368. CA Anil Doshi International Taxation MUMBAI 9820064255 addco.anil@gmail.com
    369. ROOPESH KUMAR BAVASWAMY RAO Transfer pricing chennai 9600084415 roopeshrao@bsraffiliates.com
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    371. SINGHAL GAURAV International Tax New Delhi 9811130097 gs@headsup.in
    372. PRAKASH RAMESH UDESHI Ahmedabad 9824020112 prakash.udeshi@gmail.com
    373. CA. J.T. Jeyaraajkrishnan International Trade Finance Chennai 9841065265 jeyaraaj@j3bankinglab.com
    374. Jesse Kavanagh Mr Jesse Kavanagh, International Tax and Tax Reporting and Strategy Partner, PWC – Hong Kong. Jesse has over 20 years of experience in tax advisory, financial services and technology. Hong Kong 85222898888 jesse.kavanagh@hk.pwc.com
    375. Adv. (CA.) Ajay Vohra NEW DELHI 9810264487 ajay@ajayvohra.co.in
    376. SHARIQ MOHSIN CONTRACTOR Business Adviosory MUMBAI 9820645515 shariq@cnkindia.com
    377. PRATIK BANWARI PODDAR Mumbai 9820248090 pratikpoddar13@yahoo.com
    378. SANJAY RAVJIBHAI MISTRY Have more than 7 years experience in Transfer Pricing Mumbia 9892174461 Smistry86@gmail.com
    379. Mr. Kamlesh Varshney International Taxation NEW DELHI 9013850424 kamlesh.c.varshney@incometax.gov.in
    380. Mr. S. P. Singh Ex-IRS International Taxation NEW DELHI 9818811178 spsingh54@gmail.com
    381. CA. SHARAD GOYAL International Taxation NEW DELHI 9999256677 sgoyal@gsapadvisors.com
    382. CA. Barkha Dave International Taxation Mumbai 7738349793 bdave@deloitte.com
    383. ANKIT JAYESH GANDHI International Taxation Mumbai 9574555500 ankit4814@gmail.com
    384. SAWHNEY RICHA International Taxation NEW DELHI 9810727902 Richa.Sawhney@WalkerChandiok.IN
    385. CA. Rakesh Nangia International Taxation NEW DELHI 9810002628 nangia@nangia.com
    386. CA. Rakesh Nangia International Taxation NEW DELHI 9810002628 nangia@nangia.com
    387. NANGIA RAKESH KUMAR International Taxation NEW DELHI 9810002628 nangia@nangia.com
    388. BALASUBRAMANIAN K INTERNATIONAL TAXATION BENGALURU 7259003836 bala.subramanian@wipro.com
    389. CA. Nidhi Goyal INTERNATIONAL TAXATION NEW DELHI 9811321971 ng@nidhigoyal.in
    391. MAHAVEER C JAIN International Taxation Bengaluru 0000000000 jain@jcssglobal.com
    392. MADHVI NAVIN MEHTA Merger & Acquisition Taxation Mumbai 9820464224 mjajoo@DELOITTE.com
    393. SURESH KUMAR S International Taxation Bangalore 09686838001 sureshks@deloitte.com
    394. SIDDHARTH LALIT BANWAT INTERNATIONAL TAXATION MUMBAI 9096039986 siddharth@tpostwal.in
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    396. ANKUSH ANIL MEHTA INTERNATIONAL TAXATION Mumbai 9869653227 Ankush.Mehta@in.ey.com
    397. KINJAL PANKAJ BINA DOSHI INTERNATIONAL TAXATION Mumbai 9820955802 kinjaldoshi@bsraffiliates.com
    398. SOMESH MANOJ AGRAWAL INTERNATIONAL TAXATION PUNE 7066028198 Somesh.agarwal@in.ey.com
    399. ROHIT ARORA CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS ZIRAKPUR 9888951729 rohit19990@yahoo.com
    400. Mohammed Desin Jeddah 00966500067280 Moammed.desin@gmail.com
    401. CA. Waman Kale Mumbai 2223022017 wkale@bsraffiliates.com
    402. CA. C. A. Gupta Mumbai 2261854042 cgupta@deloitte.com
    403. Mr. Akhilesh Ranjan, Ex-IRS INTERNATIONAL TAXATION NEW DELHI 9953860482 akhilesh.ranjan@pwc.com
    404. Mr. Rajat Bansal, CCIT INTERNATIONAL TAXATION NEW DELHI 1203045923 rajat.bansal64@nic.in
    405. SHALIBHADRA VIJAYBHAI SHAH International Taxation AHMEDABAD 9825633734 shalibhadra1985@gmail.com
    406. HIREN DINESHBHAI SHAH International Taxation Ahmedabad 9825030908 hirenindia24@gmail.com
    407. Mr. Sobhan Kar, Ex-IRS International Taxation NEW DELHI 9810475321 sobhan.kar@gmail.com
    408. TEJ PRAKASH MAHESHWARI International Taxation Delhi 8750903999 tpmdelhi@gmail.com
    411. Aditya Hans International Taxation Dubai 9811440792 icairakchapter@gmail.com
    412. Kapil Bhatnagar International Taxation Dubai 971586836207 icairakchapter@gmail.com
    413. Rameesh Kailasam Goverment policy Gurugram 9999650215 rkailasam@indidatech.org
    414. GARIMA PANDE Recent Changes in Corporate Tax & International Taxation Delhi 9811416000 garima.pande@in.ey.com
    415. Raji Nathani Taxation Gurgaon 9818331659 rnathani@dailytaxreporter.com
    416. YATEENDER KUMAR GUPTA International Taxation SIRC 061421590791 yateen.gupta@gmail.com
    417. CA. Anil Gupta International Taxation SIRC 9718229217 sirccpe@icai.in
    418. AMARANATH A S International Taxation Bengaluru 9880979996 amaranathambati@gmail.com
    419. ANKIT GOYAL Taxation Gurugram 9953099510 ankitgoyal@deloitte.com
    420. CA Nilesh Asher Basics to Corporate Tax Dubai 0561061452 chairman@icaidubai.org
    421. MISRA GYAN CHANDRA International Taxation GHAZIABAD 9810816012 gyan@icai.in
    422. HARSHAL PANKAJ BHUTA International Taxation Mumbai 9930114418 harshal.bhuta@bhutaco.com
    423. CA. Siddharth Parekh INTERNATIONAL TAXATION MUMBAI 9892556202 siddharth.parekh@casuilgparekh.com
    424. CA. Suchint Majumdar IT Bengaluru 9886851453 suchintm@deloitte.com
    425. AMIT International Taxation Gurgaon 7303474648 sr1502@rediffmail.com
    426. Dr. Achim Pross Head International Co-operation and Tax Administration Division
    OECD Centre for Tax Policy and Administration
    Dubai 0561061452 chairman@icaidubai.org
    427. Mr. Fazeel Soyfoo Dubai 0561061452 chairman@icaidubai.org
    428. Mr. Alastair Glove Dubai 0561061452 chairman@icaidubai.org
    429. CA. Nirav Shah Dubai 0561061452 chairman@icaidubai.org
    430. Mr. Alastair Glover Update on UK Tax Dubai 0561061452 chairman@icaidubai.org
    431. Smita patni International Taxation delhi 9958290623 smitapassociates@gmail.com
    432. RUCHI JAIN M&A, strategy Gurgaon 9958126434 ruchi@navmeeadvisors.com
    433. Vinay Manchanda Valuation, US GAAP, IFRS, Indian GAAP and Ind AS), regulatory filings (Income tax, RBI/FEMA, SEBI), etc. Gurgaon 9910911172 Vinay.Manchanda@kroll.com
    434. Ritesh Victor International Taxation NOIDA 9910810088 ritesh.victor@myforexeye.com
    435. Mr. Nitin Patil (IRS) INTERNATIONAL TAXATION PIMPRI 9158897074 pimpri.chinchwad@icai.org
    436. CA. Kishor Phadke INTERNATIONAL TAXATION PUNE 9822010116 kishor.phadke@kirtanepandit.com
    437. MEERA RAJESH JOISHER •Statutory Assurance and Risk Advisory (Particularly Banking & Insurance Audit, Internal Audit, Process Audit, Tax Audit, Trust and Society Audit, Provident Fund Audit – Internal, Statutory & Third Party)
    •International Taxation and Cross Border Advisory
    Mumbai 9819354164 cameerajoisher@gmail.com
    438. CA. Sagar Joshi Mumbai 9699857137 sagarjjoshi87@outlook.com
    439. CA. Saurabh Shah Mumbai 02233671421 saurabh_shah@yahoo.com
    440. Edwina Stevens Ms. Edwina is on the Assistant Secretary position in DFAT and helms a very important role in the government body in Australia. She has in depth knowledge about trade agreements with other countries. Canberra 61262612326 edwina.stevens@dfat.gov.au
    441. ARORA DEEPAK Deepak has been practicing accounting since 1991 and has extensive experience in tax services, auditing and financial consulting, business planning, business evaluation, and management services. Deepak’s expertise includes a broad range of industries. He Burnaby 6047218394 deepak@daroracpa.com
    442. ARORA DEEPAK Deepak has been practicing accounting since 1991 and has extensive experience in tax services, auditing and financial consulting, business planning, business evaluation, and management services. Deepak’s expertise includes a broad range of industries. He Burnaby 6043254605 deepak@daroracpa.com
    443. NIKHIL HIRA Nikhil has specialised in taxation since 1987 in various jurisdictions around the world including the UK and East Africa. He has acted for and advised a wide range of clients from family businesses to multinationals on all aspects of taxation. His exper Nairobi 254115907416 admin@kodyafricallp.com
    444. Devendra Bagree CPA and FRM with extensive experience in areas of Financial Markets and Risk Management in IA Bengaluru 9160349424 sripaljain07@gmail.com
    445. AKASH SARAF Transfer Pricing Gurugram 9871164264 akash.saraf@shap.co.in
    446. POOJA GUPTA Advanced Issues and Clause-by-Clause analysis of Form-3CEB Gurugram 9999252962 poojagupta199409@gmail.com
    447. ANN DOMINIC INTERNATIONAL TAXATION KERALA 8086588758 anndominic91@gmail.com
    448. DEEPAK TAYAL Taxation, Automation Gurugram 9971975976 cadeepaktayal@gmail.com
    449. VIPIN AGRAWAL NRO Taxation, Lower Tax Discussion Certificate under sec 197 Gurugram 9599336633 cavipinagrawal@gmail.com
    450. Mr. Amit Agarwal Restructuring and Tax aspects in M&A and IBC Transactions New Delhi 9811310966 amit2.agarwal@pwc.com
    451. DINESH KUMAR TAXATION Gurugram 9350725900 cadineshdeswal@gmail.com
    452. CA. ARINDAM BISWAS NRI – DO’S & DONT’S BENGALURU 9739675135 caarindam@gmail.com
    453. VIJAYSINH NATVARSINH CHAUHAN FEMA, International Taxation Mehsana 9624032588 vijay@chauhanandjain.com
    454. SAHIL GUPTA International Taxation Karnal 8447598579 sahilgupta93@gmail.com
    456. ARORA RAVI SHANKER FEMA DELHI +919811056876 ravis_arora@yahoo.com
    458. PULAPARTHI SABAREESH Chennai 7299776381 sabareesh.pulaparthi@live.com
    459. SUBRAMANYAM SAI SADA SIVA BOMMAKANTI Chennai 8015799976 sivabommakanti@gmail.com
    460. LALITH KUMAR P Corporate and International Tax Chennai 9840461546 lalithkumar@bsraffiliates.com
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